Where do non-resident citizens who apply for housing loans in Portugal come from?

European countries are where emigrants and foreigners that most request mortgage loans to buy a house in Portugal come from according to a report by idealista.

People living in the United Kingdom (19% of total requests), Brazil (13%), Switzerland (10%) and France (9%) stand out in the study.

But it is families coming from the US who have greater purchasing power and want to buy more expensive homes in the country. Those who live on the other side of the Atlantic have an average income of 8,208 euros and consider purchasing homes in Portugal, on average, for 297,320 euros. And, to do so, they submitted higher-value home loan applications (over 200,000 euros).

In second place are families residing in the Netherlands. With an average monthly income of 6,114 euros, these households want to buy houses for an average value of 236,011 euros, requesting a mortgage of 183,576 euros. And in third place are non-resident citizens from Switzerland, who are interested in purchasing homes for 214,035 euros, asking banks, on average, 153,481 euros.

Source: ThePortugalNews