The Team.

Gonçalo Ahrens Teixeira

Managing Partner & CEO

Gonçalo has 20+ years of experience in heavy industry, real estate development, and construction and acted as a Board Member and Country CEO.

Gonçalo is an entrepreneur with expertise in operations, managing investments, and running enterprises in different cultural contexts.

Gonçalo graduated in Mechanical engineering from UNL and MBA from AESE/IESE

Asaf Zaid

Managing Partner & CMO

Asaf is an entrepreneur who has proven experience in marketing & sales, market research, and real estate transactions in multiple markets overseas.

In the past years, Asaf has acted as a 
Real-Estate Director of an international hotel brand in Portugal and sourced, closed, and managed its portfolio throughout the entire country.

Asaf is a former commander in a special unit within the IDF, training to lead teams through complex operations.

Asaf graduated in Economics from IDC university.

David Israeli

Managing Partner & CFO

David has vast experience in real estate transactions, from underwriting through financing to JV structuring, for acquisition
and lease deals, in the US, Europe, and Israel.
Before founding Mondego, David was leading global brands as Growth and Real Estate Director for Europe.

David holds MA in LAW from Bar-Ilan University and a Bachelor of Political Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.