According to the study by idealista, buying an apartment with a swimming pool in Portugal is, on average, 79% more expensive than buying a house without, while only 11% of properties listed on the property portal have a pool listed as an amenity.

Lisbon is the city where the difference in price between buying an apartment with or without a swimming pool is the greatest, costing 86% more for those with this convenience. Also in Porto, houses with a pool are 53% more expensive than apartments without.

Differences in the price of houses for sale with and without a pool are also high in Leiria (43% more expensive), Viseu (38% more expensive), Aveiro (36% more expensive), and Coimbra (32% more expensive).

According to idealista, there is also a scarce supply of houses with a swimming pool for sale in Portugal. Funchal has the most apartments for sale with a swimming pool (34%). Faro (25%), Lisbon (10%), Évora (7%), Porto (4%), Vila Real (2%), Leiria (2%) and Aveiro (2%) follow.

The cities with the lowest offer of houses to buy with a swimming pool are Coimbra and Viseu (1% in both), according to the same study with July data.

Source: ThePortugalNews